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Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Map

Nova Scotia is Latin for New Scotland. The name was used in the royal charter that originally granted the land to Sir William Alexander in 1621. The charter was written in Latin.

Nova Scotia Flag
The flag of Nova Scotia was granted by royal charter in 1625. It bears the cross and coat of arms of St. Andrew of Scotland. These symbols show the provinces historical ties to Scotland. It is based on the provincial coat of arms.

Coat of Arms
Nova Scotia Coat of Arms
Nova Scotia's coat of arms was granted in 1625. It has the same symbols as the flag on a shield in the centre. The Indian represents the province's first inhabitants. A royal unicorn symbolizes England.

Capital city: Halifax
Joined confederation: 1 July, 1867
Official motto: Munit Haec et Altera Vincit - One Defends and the other conquers
Area: 55,284 square kilometres
Percent of Canada's area: 0.55 percent
Population: 908,007 people
Population density: 17.2 people per square kilometre
Percent of Canada's population: 3.02 percent
Official flower: Mayflower
Official bird: Osprey
Official tree: Red Spruce

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